Phase 2 


What is phase II

The Building Christian Fellowship isn’t building a building, we aren’t building a structure.. The Building Christian Fellowship and its partners are building a Light House for the city of Suisun…

TBCF is not just a church IN the city of Suisun, but a church FOR the city of Suisun….

Phase II for us is about continuing to demonstrate our loyal heart towards this great city.

We all desire to see change in our city. This VISION doesn’t just belong to Pastor John or the members of TBCF, this vision belongs to our police officers, our teachers, our government, and every resident of this city.

We are inviting our friends and family members to link arms with TBCF to help this vision come to life.

To complete our Phase II for TBCF we must raise $150,000.

Would you consider making a donation to help us reach the next step in our vision for our city, our church, and our families?

All monies collected will go toward purchasing materials only. All labor will be donated to us through our members and professional partners.

We are so close to our goal and ask that you partner with us to complete it.

Please click the link below to complete your donation for TBCF’s Phase II ‘Capital Campaign'.

For questions or more information please contact our offices at (707) 425-1120 or email us at 

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What's new?

Pastor John has met with the City of Suisun, Electricians, and  Contractors and was able to officially sign the papers with the landlord, Arron, that will kick off the start of construction!  

The Architect has reviewed and approved the building plans and we are awaiting construction!



The classrooms, offices, and restrooms are being framed, walls are coming up and electrical work has begun!